8 Hour Site Safety Manager Refresher


8 Hour Site Safety Manager Refresher
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Prerequisite: There are no prerequisites for this training course. However, students must be able to communicate with the instructor in the language that the training is provided in. Students who are taking this training course and have made the decision to apply for a particular New York City license/certificate, must meet the specific qualifications in order to apply for the license.


Audience: The 8 hour site manager training course is necessary for students who are applying for the Site Safety Manager (SSM), Construction Superintendent (CSI), Site Safety Coordinator (SSC) and licenses, or renewing their Site Safety Manager/Site Safety Coordinator Certificates.


Event Description: The 8 Hour Site Safety Manager Refresher Training course is a refresher to the 40-Hour Site Safety Manager Course, which is an extensive examination of the Rules of the City of New York and Chapter 33 that administers for the protection of employees and the public. The aim of this course is to launch applicants with secure work practices in New York City and to equip students to take the Site Safety Manager’s examination. Throughout this course, students will be familiarized themselves with the dangers of working in construction industry and specific procedures that are required on a city construction site. Students must successfully conclude this course to qualify to apply for Site Safety Manager Certificate Examination, or to renew their Site Safety Manager/Site Safety Coordinator Certificates.


Event Logistics:  Swing Staging Training & Safety, LLC provides certification of specific OSHA and Scaffold operations and use.  With presentation, equipment awareness, and physical interaction or widely used as well as new products in a classroom setting and practical operation of heavy equipment widely used throughout the industry in a practical room fitted with state of the art products.  Students operate and fully inspect the live equipment they use and/or see on their job sites.

Learning Outcome: Consequent to the completion of the course, students should be able to:

  • Make a distinction among OSHA standards and Chapter 33 of Building Code of New York City
  • Select secure work practices construction sites established on decisions made vigilantly
  • Describe the reasons for New York City safety rules
  • Discuss the regulations that were establish after severe construction accidents in New York City
  • Determine prevents for New York City safety concerns
  • Maneuver through the New York City Department of Buildings website and choose applicable Building Codes, New York City Rules, Bulletins and applications
  • Encourage other employees to make adjustments to advance the safety values of New York City

How to Register:

Email: rebecca@swingstagingtraining.com                     Fax: 718-361-2902

Or, you can come in to the office and fill out the application during office hours.

A 50% deposit is required for your seat to be reserved. SSTS cannot guarantee your reservation without the deposit.  Payment can be made by cash, check, money order, or credit card.  Please allow 7 days for check clearance.

All course dates are subject to change due to class size.

Please bring the following items with you to class:   Pen/Pencil, Paper to take notes, and a Photo ID.

It is recommended to wear comfortable clothes and sneakers for the practical part of the course.


Privacy Policy: Swing Staging Training & Safety, LLC has a Learner Privacy Policy for all personal and private information provided to register for each course.   No records will be released unless the learner comes in person and provides us with their photo identification.


Refund Policy:    Refunds are not permitted for courses that have been partially or fully completed. Failures do not constitute refunds. In the event you do not pass or complete the course, please contact us for available options.


Customer Support:  There are always competent persons available during business hours to support, advice, and respond to any questions regarding the learner program (e.g. scheduling, registration). Staff is also available for emergency calls and/or emails after hours.

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