About Us

Swing Staging Training & Safety, LLC is the premier Scaffold, OSHA, and General Safety training institute, serving the tristate area as well as various locations throughout the United States and Canada.

Accredited by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET), Approved by the New York City Department of Buildings, combined with a team of OSHA 500 Certified Instructors that have over 100 years of experience, we provide top of the line construction safety training for a large variety of customers, such as business owners, supervisors, workers, engineers, NYC DOB licensees, etc. in the construction and industrial work force.


Meet Our Team

Our Office Staff:

Rebecca DeMarco

Pilin Pereira

Diana Pereira


Our Instructors:

Robert DeMarco:

Robert is a former Department of Buildings (DOB) inspector who served on the Scaffold Safety Team Task Force.  As an inspector, he used to perform random and scheduled inspections for safety, federal and city code compliance, incident and accident investigations, auditing of training facilities as well as training of department personnel.  He also was a member of the BEST Squad in high rise and low rise site safety and demolition, doing complete top to bottom inspections and code enforcement and policy collaboration within the department.

After working in this industry, he was inspired to start this company, and continues to drive the business with his passion to promote safety awareness and compliance with the law!  With Robert’s experience and knowledge of the NY City Building Code and OSHA,  he is able to impart a wealth of information made available to the industry.

Haroon Najam:

Haroon is a Licensed Special Rigger and General Contractor in NYC.  He is multilingual and our primary instructor for training in Punjabi.  With a background heavily involving scaffolding over the years he has specialized in his field.  Haroon is passionate about safety and the comfort of his students.

Richard Campos:

Richard Campos has developed his career with Swing Staging from rigging in field on major building construction sites, excelled in his role as Safety Director for office, warehouse and field personnel, and has been training with us for a decade.  He is trained in multiple construction trades such as both suspended and supported scaffolding, hoist machines and elevators, and much more – and is also bilingual, teaching in English and Spanish.  Students enjoy real life stories that he has to offer, giving them the opportunity to visualize what he is teaching them.

Francis Lopez:

Francis Lopez has also developed his career with Swing Staging, learning from seasoned field workers, working his way up to Assistant Safety Director and also teaching for us for 6 years.  Francis specializes in OSHA Safety Training as well as Suspended Scaffolding and is bilingual teaching in English and Spanish.  He assists in program development alongside Robert DeMarco, creating new curricula and enhancing our existing programs for students to absorb more information.  Francis takes his time with all of his students and will go the extra mile to make them feel comfortable.  He is passionate about what he teaches

Richard Cortes:

Richard Cortes has been in the scaffolding and construction industry for many years.  He went from working in the field to running major jobsites and crews as a Project Manager and Field Supervisor. One of his many talents is creating plans for buildings that have unique situations that require particular details and perfect execution.  He has been teaching Supported Scaffold courses for us for years, as he specializes in hands-on training, putting the students in real scenarios so that they can use what they learn in the field.

Troy Mazanek:

Troy Mazanek is one of our most seasoned trainers, specializing in suspended scaffolding as well as rigging and signaling to name a few.  He has been in the scaffolding and construction industry for 37 years.  His skills in the field and as a Project Manager are unparalleled, and he has much to pass on to his students.  He makes his classes enjoyable and he has a way of teaching that is absorbed quickly.

Kenneth Carr:

Kenneth Carr has been traveling across the US and Canada working on special projects for Safworks Solutions.  He has extensive knowledge on many subjects in the construction industry and enjoys passing it along to his students virtually and in person.  Ken is passionate about safety and training and it shows through his teaching.

Padriag Tarrant:

Padraig Tarrant is a Master Rigger in NYC.  Although his title speaks for itself, Pat has incomparable knowledge when it comes to cranes and rigging.  He teaches our Tower Crane Rigging Courses, and he is also multilingual speaking English, Spanish and Mandarin.


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